Step through the doors of Sushi Wawa restaurant and be greeted with a loud and lively ‘Irasshaimase’ traditional welcome by our staff. Fall in love with our fun, fresh and fabulously authentic Japanese dining experience.

Love it Fresh!

Every Sushi Wawa dish is crafted fresh, using high quality, local seafood and produce delivered to us daily. The Japanese cuisine of Sushi Wawa is created right before your eyes in a central, open kitchen by renowned chefs. Our amazing flavours, flair and artistry is showcased in our restaurant on a 62 metre sushi train, Perth’s longest – and thought to be the longest in the Southern Hemisphere!

How to WAWA

SIT – After being seated, relax, we provide full table service.
CHOOSE – Choose plates from the belt or ORDER straight from the menu.
EAT – Eat delicious Japanese food. Colour of the plates indicates price.
PAY – When you’re done, we’ll count your plates & you pay at the counter.